Dads Joke Shed

I have been laughing so much I have had to take a break...

but here's a couple to keep you going.

A Yorkshireman walks in to a jewellers and asks "Can tha mek me a gold statue of't whippet"
"Do you want it 18 carat" asks the jeweller
"Don't be soft lad" replies the Yorkshireman "I want it chewing't bone"

My dentist has just been awarded "Dentist Of The Year"
He is a bit disappointed as all he got was a little plaque

Did you hear about the cowboy who had brown paper boots, brown paper clothes and a brown paper hat
The local sheriff arrested him for rustling

Heard on the news this morning that 2 men mistook Curry Powder for Heroin
One has been in a Korma for 2 weeks and the other one now has a dodgy Tikka

"These bacon sandwiches are lovely aren't they Piglet?" said Winnie The Pooh

They say a dog is a mans best friend, here is how you prove it......
Take your dog and your wife and lock them in your boot of your car. After 3 hours let them out.
Which one is the most pleased to see you?

There are 10 types of people in this world....Those who understand binary and those who don't

I was in London when the Olympic Games were taking place. I was near the Olympic Stadium and walking towards me was a tall man carrying a long piece of wood. I stopped him. "Excuse me" I said "Are you a Pole Vaulter ?" "No" he replied, "I am German, and how did you know my name was Walter"

I have heard a lot of bad jokes in my time but the ones about German sausages are the Wurst

Whethear....That was the worst spell of weather we have had for a long time

.............Will be back soon !!!!